Supporter of the Arts
American Dance Festival/Mark Dendy choreographed "Golden Belt" in The Cotton Room
Durham Arts Council fundraising dinner in ROOM 100

From built spaces to exhibitions to leadership and philanthropy

As founder Andrew Rothschild put it in a 2008 interview with Metro Magazine, "From my days in New York, I was familiar with the phenomenon of artists being the first to adopt transitioning locations on the edges of downtown neighborhoods.  They, the artists, almost seem biologically-determined to drive such projects, perhaps because they like the creative edge that such ‘edgy’ places give them, and, of course, because rents are cheaper.” 

Along with its expertise in developing high-tech R&D and Class A office space, Scientific Properties has created successful arts-focused developments at 401 Arts and Golden Belt,  In repurposing historic structures to modern uses, Scientific Properties has done its utmost to allow the growing creative class to stay in downtown Durham in attractive, affordable spaces.

In addition to artist studios for rent, Scientific Properties supports the creative process through exhibition space and programming. The ROOM 100 gallery at Golden Belt hosts up to ten installations annually through curatorial partnerships with local non-profits. Other larger-scale shows are often produced in other spaces around the Golden Belt campus. 

Scientific Properties and its staff support many local charities and non-profits including arts organizations such as the Durham Arts Council and the American Dance Festival through volunteerism and philanthropy.  In conjunction with the Durham Art Guild, Golden Belt also supports an artist-in-residence program that allows a chosen DAG artist to occupy a studio on campus.