Neighborhood Revitalization


1105 Morning Glory exterior restoration
1003 Taylor exterior renovation
  Going the distance

Scientific Properties aspires to be a good neighbor to the neighborhoods and communities in which it develops.  We have put this into practice in the work we are doing in the community adjoining Golden Belt.

In the adjacent neighborhood, the firm has purchased blighted vacant housing for renovation or replacement with homeownership opportunities.  Historic housing has been renovated with a sensitivity to the historic context, and the new infill housing matches the traditional architecture of the community.  Providing affordable workforce housing to moderate-income families is an essential goal.  Along with community partners such as Habitat for Humanity, RD Construction, Urban InSite, and the City of Durham, Scientific Properties is helping to ensure that the neighborhood supports a diversity of affordable rental and owner-occupied housing.

Scientific Properties has worked hand-in-hand with our new community neighbors from the outset, forging strong ties with residents and community groups. One result is the new Golden Belt Historic District Neighborhood Association led by neighbors Antoine and DeDreana Freeman. The neighborhood association and Scientific Properties have advocated for effective policing, housing code enforcement, and additional services for the neighborhood.

For information on homes for sale, please visit the Golden Belt website.