Community Building
Durham Art Walk, Spring 2010

Slow Food Community Dinner, New Years Day 2010


Piedmont Restaurant at 401 Arts


How we engage
Scientific Properties is a comprehensive, community-based urban real estate development company and is fully committed to the Durham community. In addition to being one of the leading developers in the downtown Durham community, the firm supports and engages with the community through green building, the arts, historic preservation and neighborhood revitalization.

Since its inception ten years ago, Scientific Properties has had significant, impactful expansion. During this time, the management team has worked to build a strong company vision and commitment to the community that sets the firm apart. Scientific Properties has made a name for itself by embedding footprints of originality, innovation, and social responsibility into the heart of the downtown Durham community. With an unmatched vision for and commitment to downtown Durham, Scientific Properties’ economic impact on the community has emerged in two main areas: an increased tax base for the city through investments, and the creation of jobs—be it directly for the firm or through business contracts and new business development.

The company is a champion for local businesses with a significant history of working with emerging entrepreneurs to bring their distinctive concepts to fruition—as exemplified by the award-winning Triangle Biotechnology Center, which was home to Serenex, a leading area biotech company later purchased by Pfizer as a result of its success, and the 401 Arts development, which is home to nationally-acclaimed Piedmont restaurant and the Bull City Arts Collaborative. 


In order to create great places that foster the success of their tenants’ businesses, Scientific Properties develops innovative designs for its excellent locations and often steps outside a typical developer’s role to help entrepreneurs to succeed. The Scientific Properties team is known to introduce new entrepreneurs to potential strategic partners, critique and revise business plans, structure leases around start-up cash flow and other considerations, and provide marketing support. When appropriate, we are willing and able to finance specialty tenant build-outs. Scientific Properties is committed to nurturing independent entrepreneurs who can execute fresh ideas because it believes that these types of tenants enhance the built environment and the communities in which we live.